Twitter is losing out . . . well at least for me

For nearly six months I’ve been putting things out on twitter and reading other’s twitters.  I’m still intrigued with the basics but it is being submerged in my other efforts. What has made this problem obvious is the motivation to grow in the number of twitter pages I’m connected.  Now that I’ve grown toward the two thousand mark one thing has become obvious. Around 85 toward 90 percent of the twitter pages are only sales efforts.  I understand that is foundational to twitter but I have no interest.

The few twitters I love reading are there but lost in the flood of sales.  So I must reverse my direction.  It isn’t a disappointment but like a few others have voiced, twitter has such a limited benefit.  The one thing that definitely stands out is the result of getting connected with a few people around the world who have common interests.

Another side of my motivations has pushed to the forefront. Twitter has proved a means to voice short ideas and see replies. Perhaps this coupled with the few twitters I know keeps me interested but there is a conflict buried in this as well. I have significant trouble in keeping myself focused. Twitter proves distracting because I do like searching down through the lines of conversation.  Being as engaged in trying to write as I’ve been for over a year Twitter has incessantly pulled me too far from needed daily efforts to keep the writing underway. So then, I’ve got to keep giving this problem thought.  If you have thoughts, I’d appreciate your comments.

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