was it Jung’s Synchronicity?

Last Friday I ended up becoming almost ecstatic. An employee of the state of Colorado’s Department of Correction had called apologizing for his mistake. His apology was for “losing” paperwork from the friend. I am the bedrock on which this friend’s conviction rests. My friend had sent that until now “lost” single sheet of paper to the “Faith and Citizen Program” seeking permission for correspondence with the Orthodox Christian Prison Ministry (http://www.ocpm-scoba.org/).

It had been basically seven months since sending this friend necessary information for each question on that supposedly lost document. Every time my friend correctly asked about paperwork he was told that they didn’t have it and that he needed to fill it out and “really” present it to them.

My convicted friend and I had been seeking means to resolve this problem. Recently, I had sent emails to both the governor of Colorado and my state Senator requesting help in correcting things, of course, I received no replies.

Early last week while reviewing emails from the CDOC, I discovered that I should have corresponded with the Regional Coordinator of the “Faith and Citizen Programs”. Quickly, I wrote out an email and at the end of it made clear my having been an LCSW (Licenced Clinical Social Worker). I also made it clear in that email why I’d sent a SWAT team to this friend’s lawyer’s office. It was the letter requested by the police, explaining why I’d sent them, that was used to compel the court into accepting that my friend was guilty of pedophilia. This paragraph reset the Regional Coordinator’s image of what I was trying to do.

Within an hour of my fourth email with the Regional Coordinator of the “Faith and Citizen Program” I got a call from the person who’d made the “mistake.” Motivated to expedite giving permission for the Eastern Orthodox Church to reach into the state of Colorado’s Department of Correction system this man reviewed that single page from seven months ago with me. Rather than needing to wait weeks before this page gets reviewed it will be looked at and sent on to the executive director of the CDOC within the week.

That set of occurrences is mixed in with painful joy in realizing that I need to make other changes. Just as I wrote in “Leaving Twitter” (https://jordanfel.wordpress.com/2009/10/23/leaving-twitter/) I had to discover my mistake in order to make Friday’s ecstasy happen.


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