Comments on “Amazon losing “Flying Rivers,” Ability to Curb Warming”

As I’ve said before, I don’t think that current images of Global Warming fit to expectations. Most of us either argue for or against ‘it.’ Some are doubtfully pointing out faults in both directions. Those doubts rest on the too obvious power struggles among groups within and among the whole picture.

In Amazon Losing “Flying Rivers,” Ability to Curb Warming from National Geographic, I caught in its’ first paragraph an unspoken cyclical conflict. Common to National Geographic’ this well formed article does not address the full cycle. It is true that within the Amazon basin we are seeing ‘nature’ adjusting to what farming and energy industries are causing. Why, though, don’t we see the full picture of what has energized their reshaping of those human activities?

From my point of view, adding in the dual forces of nearly 7 billion people and our current tendency to live in dense clusters better fills out that cycle. By living in this fashion we cannot feed ourselves. We, also, insist on a life style that requires vast amounts of energy. For the moment, our entire struggle is to hide from ourselves the real criminal. Until humanity, on the whole, accepts that there is no escaping from our having gone past the boundary of how many can be here and that we cannot ‘compensate’ to that boundary by striving to keep a lifestyle, we are all guilty.


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