People ascribing to “Global Warming” are making the same mistake as those disfavoring it.

Attention to the misuses of human abilities is common to both groups. People working to stop the Globe from Warming basically want, at least, to keep us from irrevocably damaging the world. Others struggle to pull us as far away from that line as possible. Some of those, strive to not just shim up our polluting actions, but to stop such cold. A number strive to adapt what we do so that it does not pollute.

Across that supposed chasm others see fraudsters using tidbits of knowledge to make money at tremendous cost to rest. A few residing on this side agree that what we are doing is at a cost unforeseen. This little schism believes that humanity will, ultimately, not pay the cost to make needed changes. Many, on this side, seriously wonder if there is a problem since nature has already gone through dramatic changes without us.

On both sides shyster work the crowds. Intent on manipulating the masses with everyday fears and concerns are the true danger in the game. Well adept at keeping most distracted from the basic problem with “personal issues” profit in one fashion or another.

Few, on either side, address our dynamic relationship with reality. This point is best played out by particular groups. Only recently have such conservationists begun to accept that stalling out human impact is as unreal as that other sides effort to make no changes in our actions. A few politicians are wondering whether efforts to change how things are done to keep what we want isn’t the same problem. Each, though, shakes the thoughts off just like those supposedly “conservative” intellectuals do. Why? Such thinking isn’t favored.

To me, the common problem is that both, supposed, sides strive to deny that no matter what moves we make there will be negative consequences. Those who believe that we can fix our pollution causing actions are just on the other side of the coin from those who say there isn’t much of a problem. It is the coin that I don’t want. I do not accept the myth that humanity’s actions don’t have an impact on the world.

Neither side wants to adapt to our nature. Both strive to adapt nature to us. Shysters do not want us to catch onto this point. They don’t care which of the sides one adopts to because there is power and money for them in both. While I want us to rejig I think that the political and social struggles will only fuel the fire for shysters.

So then, should we just give up? No, we must accept that we are causing the price we are paying. We have cast this onto the yet to be seen generations, who will not revamp either, and have already been forced into change. Will you and I choose to look down the road for those we don’t know but have invited? Will we accept that all of our actions do have unanticipated consequences? Are we willing to accept what our mistakes do to the future or will we keep finding ways to keep blame exclusively fastened onto those others?


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