Psychology Today’s : Americus Libertarius

Just as I said in my Facebook post I giggled over Jim Taylor’s comments about Libertarians. His title “Trying to understand the species Americus Libertarius (Libertarians)?” pushes forward, for me, an excellent issue. My giggles grew out of having been raised in a deeply conservative environment out on the plains of Nebraska. Then after going to a moderately conservative Bible college I chose to get a masters in Social Work in a significantly left leaning graduate program.

For a moment both think and feel that through. It doesn’t matter where you are in the spectrum of political, philosophical or spiritual stances since all that you need to do is move away from your camp in directions and fashions of life that are uncomfortable. Imagine this also growing out of a set of natural drives since none of this was foisted on me.

Now, perhaps, you are better set to understand my giggles. Out of those experiences arose a sense of disjointedness in human perspectives. My looking at things in this fashion rather than running home or realizing how wrong I use to be rests in an early sense of reality being more complex than we are capable of grasping. Thus, I’ve learned to both use and mistrust all of our fashions of living.

Put simply, I do not yet see reasons to give finality to any fashion of straightening our “shit” out. I do not accept the faux openness nor security any of the groups advocate. I use what I see and have experienced but do not trust in those things. In other words, my giggles grew out of Jim’s sense of “security” in his group being truly helpful.

So then, am I championing Libertarianism? No. Well then what about Liberalism? No. Is it then some style of conservatism? No. So then, you must be a moderate? No. Ok, then you are an anarchist! No, I answer again and do so sternly. As I said before, I use aspects from every last one of those framings but trust in none.

Think about this for awhile or leave me a comment. I do hope to push this issue further.


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  1. Ideals are simplifications of virtues a narrowing of an infinite subject into talking point or mission statement. Ideologies are simplifications of life, a narrowing of the wealth of an feasting God into a meager meal which would cause a grown man to become faint were he to try to sustain on it.

    I understand the appeal. The power of wrapping up the ambiguity and delusions arising from out limited understanding is intoxicating. Ideas become drugs and the more we consume the more refined and foreign to our pneumo-physiology we need to achieve the same euphoria.

    Like all addictions, it is unto death. Like all delusions, it destroys both body and soul. Like all models it does violence to the abundantly varied glory of creation and its infinite Creator.

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