A note on an emerging friend

While reading over his recent poems a terse statement off on the the right side of his page caught my attention.

“The menu is not the meal and eating it does not satisfy.”

Having already spotted photos of him I figured, immediate to those words, he has a desire to lose weight. What came to mind after that quick sorting through of memories were our tête-à-têtes. None of those were long diatribes, a few fit well to parleys but most were our curiosities wandering off into each others minds.

I saw through those words our mutual liking or shall I say reverence of Gregory Palamas and the “no thing” he, and a few before him, taught us to call the Triune God. Our “menu” then is the Scriptures, sayings of the Church Fathers, Saints, etc… Those things I am calling God’s menu.

Too much of life is spent attempting to dissect the “menu”. A few of us stride on using the menu as a map pointing at Whom we need. Seeing past those incomplete sets of words of the “menu” is oddly linked to an empirical perspective. Allowing self to use but not trust in how we have learned to see thing does begin opening the doors behind which we have excluded  the One who is calling us.

Honest strivings to fill the gaps in our knowledge of God so often violates our learned expectations. Those expectations about the gaps not being there or needing to be filled differently cause the exclusions of where we are. To a person, none of us can really grasp the Resurrected One to whom we desire to be headed. A willingness to risk that He who is called “no thing” is someone we can know requires acceptance of his gift of humility.


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  1. You have uncovered something I hid, hoping that someone would uncover it. Thank you friend.

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