Are we able to keep at anything?

This morning I read “Social ills imperil democracy, world leaders say” which is a few weeks old. Within it I found an underlying myth. From where did former Peruvian President  Alejandro Toledo pull the idea that democracy can not fully take off until there are no needs? It could well be that this was only how Sarah Horn framed his words, yet my question stands. Is it possible that democracy can be perfectly lived?

While reading this article, I thought of Marcelo Gleiser marvelous critique of our beliefs in universals. This memory dragged me off in another direction. Convergences of discoveries have and are forcing a reshaping of old ideas. Accepted fashions of how to do things keeps our new ideas invisibly chained to the tried and true.

An image of democracy being stifled by real life needs violates democracy. Such does not need particular fashions of success to be healthy. It does not need any favored context to exist.  Limiting what it is to any favored results partially uproots it. In this condition it can survive but not flourish.

I am not opposed to the idea of converging a capitalist and socialist fashioning of democracy. I am opposed to both sides’ manipulations of the crowds toward their favored fashioning of life.


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  1. I think for many people there is a confusion as to exactly what democracy is and what it’s for. I think when they have these definitions and goals obscured other agendas (most commonly arguments over monetary systems) prevail.

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