Something none of us…

…do well at is catching sight of what we project onto others.

We place on people too much that doesn’t belong there. At least, one thing from the week before, that someone had said about or done to us we are certain it doesn’t fit is common to all. You and I tend to moan over such with friends and family. What was said or done to us strikes a cord in them, as well. As I said, we all had things chalked up to us that we’re certain aren’t to our credit.

However, we tend to not turn our eyes inward and catch sight of our having done the same? To a person, everyone of us fits those around us into our own thoughts and feelings . Such wouldn’t be a problem if, to a person, we heedfully shared our view of things with them. Willingly, testing out our thoughts and feelings with the people those are about would begin to fractal our change. Their doing the same toward us would would move us in fashions we have no conception of.


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