Rocks in the stream bed of tolerance.

Nonbelievers are rejecting only us and not God. Any nonbeliever’s refusal to accept my and my kinds’ reality is seated in their…disrespect of what they see coming from us. I am well aware that from our side those people are then rejecting God. More to the point, though, those who call themselves Evangelical Atheists have become the intellectual crescendo of my point. Their seeing no valid reason to accept our idea of ‘faith’, they do not see this as a rejection of God. From their stance they are keeping at an arms length what they see as our destructiveness. It is not their hatred of us, as they see things, but our hatred of humanity that fosters their point.

On that extreme end of atheism while they actively avoid seeing the good we do, they also wholeheartedly point out religions’ atrocities. Christopher Hitchens in “god is not GREAT” makes his point well. His brother, Peter, in “The Rage Against God: How Atheism lead me to Faith” laid out well his brothers avoidance of the good that Christians do. Michael Krasny’s “Spiritual Envy” lays out the same conflict with Christopher from another direction. While Michael agrees with Peter that we do many good things he also agrees with Christopher on our history having many atrocious wrongs scattered across it. Like Christopher, he sees no reason seeded in Christian’s bed of good to believe in Jesus.

By asking us for reasons to accept what they have no experience of I see a potent reason to search the closets and corners of our lives. Searching for “reasons”, meant to establish faith in nonbelievers I see as our avoiding the core of the problem. Rooted in this conflict resides a question for the believers. Are we failing to live out our faith? Could it be that our own motivations to give them reasons serves as a smoke and mirror? Why is it that I do not chastise myself for having so poorly lived my faith that they find no motivation to walk with the Risen Christ with me?


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