A truly public lab: my response to an opinion article in The Scientist

I favor, what Brian McGowan discussed in “Should the healthcare system support health and wellness data tracking for the purposes of long-term observational studies?” Brian, my idea is similar to yours with all the basic data being public with identity of the people excluded. In most of such efforts the general location of the person is needed, such as their city, county and such but not street address nor phone numbers.
I am interested in having my medical and psychological histories posted. After all, I’ve been diagnosed as having a conversion disorder by one neurologist and neuropsychologist. Less than two years later I was documented as having seizures which was what the conversion disorder was meant to explain away. Right around a year ago, I had to point that out to my immediate past neurologist which he, obviously, had no knowledge of. He is fully competent, but their medical records brought in no previous medical records.
My hope is that those of us who have more complexed problems will be less likely to be tossed in with the general crowd. Right along with that desire, I want my own crowd, mental health and medical practitioners to be forced into seeing their own errors. So then, I would insist on mis-diagnoses being as avidly followed as any other aspect of this database.


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