Endangered Languages

Constancy worries me the deepest. Not because I don’t want to see the same person in the mirror every morning. Not that I don’t want to consistently visit the same coffee shop to have conversations with people I’ve known for years. No, I want a consistency in my life which isn’t static. I want a dynamic life which I recognize. My abilities to agnise this world are nested in a willingness to keep my eyes open to the constant activities of language.

Now, I have to say that I have some problems with Google (‘s) wanting to Protect 3,000 Endangered Languages. Should the effort bring about an increased pressure on humanity to keep languages static then I’m opposed. On the other hand, should this effort deepen the dynamics of natural change by bringing nearly isolated languages into our mix I see a deep benefit. Let’s take the risk and draw our awareness toward those little known languages. By so doing, I hope those will add to our fesity penchant evolve language.


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