When Seeing Isn’t Believing…

I came across one of those syndromes I’d not dealt with directly, which isn’t that uncommon for all of us. Having worked directly with a county mental health agency and especially doing intakes and emergency I experienced a broad based of schizophrenic behaviors. As I watched through Oliver Sacks’ presentation on the Charles Bonnet Syndrome I become more and more delighted. If you’re interested take about 18 minutes and watch this old boy discuss his dealing with this syndrome in nursing home patients.

When Seeing Isn’t Believing: Charles Bonnet Syndrome

I also became increasingly pissed with my gamut of neurological professionals. Complaining to them of my odd tastes, smells and physical sensations often limited to the left side of my body. Seriously people have you ever smelt things in just one of two unplugged nostrils? How about tasting something which you can’t describe in a section of your tongue? Or how about having your vision briefly change leaving you without terms through any other sensory knowledge that fits?

Fortunately, these are dramatically brief by staying under the time it takes the second hand on my wall clock to go around its’ face once. I can also securely let you know that occasionally, those experiences must be closer to psychosomatic than a neurological event scampering away from the malfeasance of damaged neurons. I’m rather certain of that interpretation when things don’t add up right along with my quickly realizing something else has happened that probably triggered jagged edged memories.

So, people we need those professionals practicing medicine. We also need to keep hold of sufficient knowledge coupled with courage to competently question our MD’s. Don’t toss those people aside because of mistakes. Step back to see what that person will do. Oh, keep a good dose of humility beside you as well, because the patients who are us could also be wrong.


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