Wading into ideas

Those of us, a few more years on past being freshly out of college or grad school have begun understanding our academic fashions of learning, differently. In my case, a short internship was required which only partially met the need. It took several years out and away from school before I began discovering how poorly good over to great ideas had been presented. Family and systems theory, of course, had been mixed into each of those necessary courses but more like oil and water. Then finding that the only style of internship was in a short-term adolescent retention center.

My interest in family therapy could have mixed well with an internship in a short-term adolescent retention center, but didn’t. Because of their seeming focus to be on keeping the teens out of trouble for a month stymied a true rooting of my intent. Further, at no point did any of the staff demonstrate paying attention to a likely ploy by any of those kids. Later, I caught the scent of their whole focus being on getting sufficient info to justify passing most of the kids through their doors to long-term care and so be that necessary cash cow.

Several years later, I began truly taking hold of things. While I don’t like that reality. No, I detest it and yet none of us are willing to bite the bullet and forego making a living to provide care. Markedly more to the point, I was waded into the idea that I almost never need to get or do the whole thing at once. Pulled up as short as I was, I still learned something essential in every life. More often than not we need to wonder out into parts of life we think we already know and willing to play with or bloody a toe against something we had no idea was there. Just like being exposed to something I hadn’t taken hold of in my courses and still not catching on in that face-to-face experience I still caught sight of the bigger picture later because of that experience.

Willingly taking hold of something which does baffle us must always be with a curtailing of any insistence on getting the whole thing, now! Becoming willing to keep things in that box of toys and often taking those out and playing with them in any fashion will eventually open your eyes not just to the thing but also to not needing to fear your not “getting it” right now.


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  1. Simeon Blatchley 09/29/2012 — 9:28 am

    All too true.

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