Syria’s civil war

“Despite the huge risks involved, the time has come for the West and the Arabs to intervene in Syria”

Questions surged forward as I listened to the audio edition of this weeks Economist. Uncertainty wrestles with my deeply trained tendency to look, first, for the worst possible reasons. With that I’ll betray that ugly side of me.

Could it be that we’ll take no action for more reasons than an election binding our president’s hands? Could it be, though, that the risk being focused on isn’t whether we’d win? Are some wondering whether it wouldn’t be better to simply keep “our hands” out of the mix for fear that any moves we make will only be viewed as our trying to take over?

Some, within that cultural setting, view the rest of us as chattel yet needing to herded into the corral and branded. So then, every move we could make can serve only as proof of our evil.

By no means does my entrenched suspiciousness have any true grasp of reality. It has, across all my years, proved useful in adding toned depths to how I looked at things from all those other perspectives.


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