Inside the Mind of a Psychopath

This afternoon Daniel Honan in “Inside the Mind of a Psychopath” shoved a new book under my nose. What excited me was Kevin Dutton’s book “The Wisdom Psychopaths.” Think about this, on the 24th of this month there will be a “happy talk” between Michael C. Hall and the author Kevin Dutton.

Here is a quote from the Rubin Museum of Art‘s webpage announcing the event:

“In this groundbreaking adventure into the world of psychopaths,…the renowned psychologist Kevin Dutton argues that there is a fine line between a brilliant surgeon who lacks empathy and a Hannibal Lecter who kills for pleasure. Incorporating the latest advances in brain scanning and neuroscience, Dutton reveals that there is a scale of “madness” along which we all sit. In this on-stage conversation, Dutton will test his theories on the actor who embodies psychopathic qualities in his role on Showtime’s DexterMichael C. Hall.”


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  1. Dutton made a great point by saying that we could all use a little psychopathy. Wouldn’t you like a little more focus, fearlessness, and decisiveness? Knowing how to control the dials, of course, is the essential part. When Hall was asked what qualities Dexter has that he would like to adopt, he said, “His capacity for stress management. The crazier things get (for Dexter), the cooler he feels. He tends to crave chaos because it soothes him. So I’d like to be cooler under pressure.” Our coworkers need not worry; we rated “average” in the Great British Psychopath Survey spectrum. How do you rate? Do you have a dark passenger?

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