…exorcised from spiritual life?

“…is this Final Truth simply the scientific incarnation of the monotheistic tradition of the West, a yearning for a God that reason exorcised from spiritual life?”  ~  Marcelo Gleiser, “A Tear at the Edge of Creation: a Radical New Vision for Life in an Imperfect Universe

Styling alone, gives his question reason to pause. After all, how dare he connect religion with empiricist’s efforts to grasp hold of reality. How dare he imply true empiricism’s being on the same footing as those religious infidels! Suggesting such a connection between how the religious keep themselves blinded to reality and how empiricism coming out of the western framework is accomplishing much the same, doesn’t make sense, does it?

Back in 2010, when I began reading his work I found a common theme coming from the other side. Like him, I was and still am looking at my own wondering why they can’t see their own faults. Like him, I look at my fellow believers wondering where their supposed God is the way that say that One is? Unlike me, Marcelo spent the better part of his whole book politely chiding his fellow empiricists and atheists about their certainty of eventually understanding everything.

Across the whole of the work he makes plain his disconnecting his uncertainty of truly understanding everything from then needing to believe in a god. Holding as he does to atheism in his acceptance of uncertainty and so feeling no need to join in with today’s choir singing anthems of certainty gives rise to a comfortable sense of joy in me. His acceptance of this uncertainty does not blind him. Rather, it is our holding to the belief of our being able to grasp hold of and understanding everything which is the real problem on both sides.


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