Stopping your brain from running on ahead of you

“But it’s not just about functionality, though, is it?” he demurs. “The thing about fear, or the way I understand fear, I suppose— because, to be honest, I don’t think I’ve ever really felt it— is that most of the time it’s completely unwarranted anyway. What is it they say? Ninety-nine percent of the things people worry about never happen. So what’s the point?…

“It’s not the violence that breaks you. It’s the threat of it. So why not just stay in the moment?…”

“…So the trick, whenever possible, I propose, is to stop your brain from running on ahead of you. Keep doing that and, sooner or later, you’ll kick the courage habit, too.”Wisdom of Psychopaths by Professor Kevin Dutton

These are fragments from one interview Kevin Dutton carried on with psychopaths in the Paddock Centre, the most secure section of the Broadmoor in Berkshire, England. What you read came from Jamie one of the long-term patients who had done extreme things.

Before you toss his words aside know that the same is actively and correctly used in Cognitive/Behavioral therapy. I, for one, deeply agree even when the same can be natural to the psychopath.


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