The time-bomb at the heart of Europe

The time-bomb at the heart of Europe” proved to be another of those articles I enjoy simply but not only because of a shift in perspective. What the articles author voiced about France has always been in some form of stagnation. From my perspective this has been a refusal to gain fuller views of reality’s complexity. Refusing to see the incompleteness of one’s view of things has brought about the downfall of individuals, families, and groups across my years of doing counseling. Businesses and last but not least governments have, as well, lived out the same across the centuries. Let’s, for simplicity’s sake, call the problem ‘perspective‘. Usually, as it seems France’s current leadership is refusing to see, there is little benefit in keeping the blinders on keeping only what is sought to be seen in view.

I’ve known no exceptions to the failure of noticing our own faults.


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