Today anything on the “Placebo effect” gets my attention

How often has it been that pediatricians have handed moms bottles of pretty pills that were only sugar? I learned, years afterwards that the doctor I remember from those early years had occasionally handed mom some of those pills. As a parent, I discovered the same thing with my own. It does work well if staged properly! It took time but I too learned how to pull it off the right way and make those things work.

Colored areas show regions of greater mu-opioid release during placebo administration in volunteers with high levels of resilience, straightforwardness and altruism, and low levels of angry hostility.

A couple of days ago, Dan Cossins’ “Personality Predicts Placebo Effect” was put out on The Scientist: Exploring Life, Inspiring Innovation webpage. His opening sentence definitely hooked my attention. Voicing that, “People with certain personality traits are more likely to get pain relief from a placebo, a finding that could help improve clinical trials,…” hit home.


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