Some are shaking their heads over this

Yesterday, while ridding with my brother back from the ranch, I whipped out my trusty iPad only to find “Humanity’s last invention and our uncertain future“. There’s been those occasional benefits to scanning over Phys.Org.

While Brad was occasionally shaking his head at me for checking my emails rather than looking around the prairie, I scanned down through the Cambridge Research News page. Rather than solely paying attention to: “A philosopher, a scientist and a software engineer have come together to propose a new centre at Cambridge to address developments in human technologies that  might pose “extinction-level” risks to our species,…” I shifted back out to the prairie and fields with my brother.

Credit: Jason A. Samfield from Flickr      To be honest, I know a certitude in our not really comprehending how poorly our efforts to make use of reality match up to IT. I’m as deeply caught up in making use of the same as the rest of us, so I can’t shake my finger at anyone. My one difference in this Hollywood like demise of humanity is it’s being slow and unnoticed till far too late.


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