a new DSM? Could it be that we do need to rethinking something?

“Amid controversy, the American Psychiatric Association has approved the fifth edition of its guidebook on mental disorders.” These words open the-Scientist.com article, “New Mental Health Manual“.

Early color illustration of psychiatric treatment methods, as drawn by physician Serefeddin Sabuncuoglu (1385-1470)

While I’ve had nothing to do with this other  than formally generating those early and formal diagnoses, I’m still intrigued with this “game”. Back in my days, I say with that mixed expression of joy, angst, misgivings, enthusiasm and a few other quirky sensations. I spent most of my professional years dealing with early dx’ing or emergency intervention impressions. Those  impressions became part of the mix of views used across years to hone away on what might be accurate.

Perhaps it’s because of my not having been in the mix for over a decade, that I don’t have a problem with those changes. After all, I see these changes as a necessary but painfully needed twist to our professional groups arm. We have spent decades arguing like little kids over how to best look at people. Now, I’m feeling like we’re seated in a group therapy, fighting among ourselves for dominance. Perhaps we’ll hear a healthier tune in the argument, now!

Many times over, I simply inserted subtle and powerful suggestions into my groups conversations forcing everyone into rethinking how they were relating to everyone else in the room. Even those who weren’t paying attention to me were caught off guard by someone else’s revamping their fragments in the groups conversation to either rethink or display their own mistakes.


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