This month’s books

Beginning with a “I am a Strange Loop” by Douglas Hofstadter back in very late 2012 I picked back up on things I’d played with in his book Gödel, Escher, Bach of which I have a Bantam, 1982 copy. Make sure that you, at least, like both mathematics and logic before picking up his most recent work.

The idiot that I am, I picked up a couple of books from the Penrose Library on the DU campus early in December, knowing that I’d not get around to those till early this year. So far, I’ve read into the 2nd chapter of “The Psychopathy of Everyday Life: how antisocial personality disorder affects us all” by Martin Kantor. I’d not read anything by Martin before this but I definitely will look into his other books. Along with Kantor’s work I am getting through the 3rd chapter of “The Psychopath: Emotion and the Brain” by James Blair, et al. Blair and associates’ work is far more academic and contentious with my own view of the psychopath. Yet,  their work is stoking up the fire further than I’d anticipated. Who knows, maybe I’ll find myself struggling through more works along this line just because of their contentions!


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