If I’m still high on Disney, I have no complaint

A couple of days ago, Scientific American put Krystal D’Costa’s, “This is Your Brain on Disney” out on Blogs. Finally getting around to reading it this morning I found another voice to adore.

Krystal said, more in sync with the ilk of E.O. Wilson,:

“One of the things I wish this paper had discussed a bit more was the connection between relationship building and the traits linked to the Disney experience. Art, creativity, storytelling, humor, wit, music, fantasy, and morality may be important elements in the relationships we develop and maintain—not in a sexual sense, but in terms of network building.”

My favoring our once again acknowledging the degree our social interactions shape self has no intent to shelve the core facets of our biology in being part of the same thing. Rather, our genetics, the environments we are in and our communion of beings dance to a complex rhythm. It is this dance and not a singular focus on our genetics which shape those billions of “me” in the dance.


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