Most of us have a good reputation with ourselves.

As I’ve already told many friends, I’m only slowly wading through this one. John Brockman has played a powerful editor, or perhaps better put salesman, in generating “This will make you smarter”. After all, I’m working my way through 4 journals and a couple of other books. Anyway, David G. Myers

David G. Myers
David G. Myers

generated one of the chapters, “Self-Serving Bias”. Inside that exceptionally brief chapter lay a simple expression of what this post’s title is all about.

One hundred percent of us are more than encrusted within but penetrated through with self-serving biases. Now, this is nothing reinforcing that classic trash of, “You need to see a psychotherapist!” Rather, simply begin attempting to question yourself. This last sentence isn’t meant to embolden many of our self-negating crappy thought lives. And again, rather, smile at what you just did recognizing that at one level that little share of bias you put out there might be deeply positive in its’ effects on everyone including you.

However, also, go about building a courages intent to find those self-serving distortions. Those kind I want you after are the ones which hold you captive to things you wish weren’t rooted into that life you call your own.


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