Over the weekend

I spent a disturbingly wonderful evening talking over an assortment of topics with a friend, Duane. He gave the two of us a wonderful spot to feed both our minds and bellies. If you’ve not eaten at Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen well I recommend your doing so.

As we waited to be seated I introduced an idea I want woven into my, yet un-birthed, book. Step-by-step he caught sight of the basic structure to what I want drawn out from a single chapter into the book’s tapestry. Each stage of the idea intrigued this man who, as a computer geek, willingly took hold of the intricate problems.vector-of-a-cartoon-computer-geek-with-a-messy-office-coloring-page-outline-by-ron-leishman-22557

Duane began carrying on about a wonderful assortment of options in a host of directions. To my delight, I became enabled to ride a tidal wave of thoughts gushing from him. Little of those intricate computer and systems based items he belched forth could be made use of since I don’t want to bury the reader in an avalanche of thinking I enjoy. His broad assortment of items and options in how to make my basic idea work made me drool right along the smell from all the tables we stood near while waiting to be seated. Before I could take another step in outlining my efforts his beeper went off telling us our table was ready.

For the moment, I dropped the story and prepared for gastronomical delights! After we were seated and menus had been shoved under our noses, I stumbled through too many culinary options. Duane help me, since he’d been at this restaurant a few times before, to chose the Jumbo Shrimp on Dirty Rice. We then tasted our way through an appetizer mix of Salmon and deep fried gator while picking back up on my story questions.

While we worked at not wolfing all of those and our entrée items down, I kept at laying more levels of that chapter idea before him. Linking those items we’d already talked over with a few things he’d not yet learned of aroused the man’s mind further. Once he took hold of how this particular catastrophe fitted to the over all story, Duane asked for a better read of the story itself.

An overarching view of a series of seemingly disconnected tragedies, itself is hard enough. Each item from the story I had already worked on rightfully seemed totally unrelated in Duane’s eyes to what we were discussing over before this delicious meal. Bite by bite we chewed through items, plots and characters.

I gradually unfolded minor dimensions of core characters and plopped them down before Duane. Limiting our conversation to minor things was both to keep him from being weighted down with too much and to get us out of the place before midnight. By connecting the personalities of those characters with the catastrophes revealed to him each major event being a thread linking together in a single character.

Duane finally caught sight of my story’s antagonist’s motivations weaving other’s unconscious motivations into catastrophes they lived out through their own. He expected no such things through those major events which I laid out early in the course of the meal. His response to my story’s tapestry voiced more than what I had hoped to learn from a geek. His wanting to read the book when’s it’s finished adds courage to continue trudging on down that road.


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