Yesterday was, positively, exhausting. I spent the better part of the day walking and playing with my daughter, Jordan’s 5 month old Labrador. Flynn, he’s my little girl’s dog, is now barely under 60 pounds. A trim and powerful young dog, who even with the Gentle Leader on his face is still able to pull hard. It is proving just as hard on me to learn the right way of living the leader’s tactics out.

Nonetheless, he and I walked around four miles yesterday. Our making it back and forth to a dog park generated the best return. Watching the big little boy run circles around everyone and occasionally their older dogs was a delight. Once another dog, barely a month older came into the park, Flynn found true delight. The two of them wrestled, nipped at and rolled with each other. By the time each was almost too tired to keep at it the other owner and I had to walk those two out of the park and down to the creek running nearby.

After Flynn had bathed and lapped up some fresh water having just arrived from up stream, I was dowsed in the part of the creek he shook free. From that point on he was easier to deal with till Jordan picked him up after dismissing her high school students. Last nights sleep was much easier for me, as well!


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