The Burst of the Social Media Bubble, Rise of the Indie Author & Why Coffee is to Blame

Up front, Kristen, it was that 1984 Macintosh that caught my distractible attention. Sorry, but it wasn’t the title that hooked me. Somewhere around 1984, I was in the habit of using my alumni status to play in D.U.’s student stash of 50-60 PC’s & Mac’s. My attention, not as deflectable then as now, was easily snagged by a smaller device, called Macintosh, which also proved easier to settle in with and get the job done.
Back, I hope, onto the gist of your piece, my PCP and neurologist pulled out their favorite ropes, whips and daggers meaning to bind, impede and finally impale my thirst for coffee. Yes, they took it further, hobbling my demand for all fluids, those two pulled from me a joy in sipping while stumbling around my favorite “internet” resting places. But over the past couple of months, while having their permission to sit in my darling coffee shops, spots where I know and am known, chatting with friends, accompanied by attempts at reading and writing, I’ve discovered something.
My sleep hasn’t improved much, but that happens without much of a connection to caffeine. Focus has found a more secure spot in my life, being able to finish an article, pulling at least a paragraph to completion is a marvelous benefit. At least for me, this reduction in caffeine has beefed me up at keeping my pate focused.

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(Original image courtesy of Matthew Pearce via Flikr Creative Commons.)

Many of you are old enough to remember the boom (then bust) of the 1990s. The Internet was growing in popularity. More people were owning PCs and commerce was shifting on-line. The Old Guard yelled “WITCHCRAFT!”, threw holy water and shorted out their keyboards. The New Guard dived in with the enthusiasm of a kid at Chuck E. Cheese hopped up on sugar.

Creativity abounded. What products or services could be offered on-line? How could we improve the on-line experience? How could we make purchasing faster, safer, more appealing?

Early Adopters jumped all over this because that’s what Early Adopters do. Hey, someone had to be the first to eat an oyster, right?

The Early Adopter Instigator

Most revolutions begin with other revolutions that set the stage. Case in point. For centuries, water was unsafe—okay deadly—to drink. Most workers…

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