A cute challenge

This morning while sipping a cappuccino at, yes, Starbucks rather than my common coffee shop Nixon’s Coffee House, I happened to catch sight of an email from Kristen Lamb’s WordPress page.

Kristen Lamb
Kristen Lamb

My side began hurting as I finished yesterday’s posting. I’d swear that a calf had kicked me there like when I was still wrestling those critters down so that dad could give them a shot to help them deal with scours.

As I had quickly scanned her page I became aware of a problem which before this morning I’d not thought about. My laying out a story demanding that I give two characters many opportunities to replay parts out of their histories, I painfully saw as a dare I’d never imagined. My meaning to flesh out those characters, step-by-step, by enabling each reader to progressively see where the story is going by expanding each character’s past, shifted shapes becoming a fiend.

After voicing my worry to Kristen, her suggestion forced my imagined fiend to begin waning, a bit. It’s slight fading was by Kristen’s clouding my fears over with her suggestion of two books. First, the “Green Mile” by Stephen King, is certainly to be an encouragement. Then she suggested David Morrell’s, “Murder as a Fine Art”, which I’ve only heard of, but not yet read. My prayer and hope is that as I both continue writing while also reading, as suggested, this story will become readable.


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