Last evening I joyfully…

…finished David Morrell’s “Murder as a Fine Art”. I began reading this novel at the behest of Kristin Lamb and her suggestion is paying off.books

Across most of the past 20 or so years, I have not read at a pace I knew for the 40 or so before. “Murder as a Fine Art” had, for me, the effect of a carrot dangling on a stick just out of reach. My pace quickened evening by evening.

My favorite real life character, Thomas De Quincey, felt nowhere close to the style of addicted clients scattered across my working years. He, however, churned up memories of a few peers. Since addiction doesn’t require chemicals as Thomas’ did, I know minor portions. We all need things to stir us free from the dullness of our lives. Like him, I need ever increasing doses of my own necessary attachments. Like Thomas performing best when deprived of withdrawal, I do my best when my habits are well feed.

Who knows, I may have found someone who can keep me stirred up enough to accomplish my own desires.


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