Nobody likes it when someone shows up late.

This morning, I woke up after nearly 10 hours of sleep and that’s unusual for this character. I typically sleep between 4 to 7 hours a night and have since, I guess, before I can remember anything.buttons2_01 Mom has told me about her often being worn out by her oldest boy who wouldn’t stay asleep. So a good night’s sleep is exceptional. Well, more often than not, it often means that I’m sick.

This morning, I finally hacked up a classic lugy sneezing / coldon my typical run to one of several favored coffee shops.  I’m not feeling heartened by this, either. Even with the ten or so hours of sleep I can tell, I’m going to feel run down all day.

I’ve gone ahead and emailed Fr. John about my probably not showing up at church. We’ve a few excessively elderly people in this small church and so this young old boy can’t stomach the idea of giving anyone in their 90’s a cold.

Over sleeping, this morning, made my arrival at the coffee shop late. Yes, the baristas noticed and chided me. SueSylvester-Glee


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