My cold is finally letting go

Over the past, nearly two weeks, I’ve been gentle with my body. For instance, I’ve not ridden my recumbent trike the typical 10 miles  I had usually been putting on it.68611 Today, though, I decided to take the dive. So after church and a quick lunch, I carefully moved the over 7 foot long trike out of my apartment out onto the curb. After donning those few essential pieces of garb I took to the road.

A wonderful and only warm afternoon beckoned me to peddle down the South Platte trail to Nixon’s Coffee House. While there I had, of necessity, a decaf espresso and a conversation with the barista. He and I have over the past couple years exchanged lots of laughs and a few seriously bad puns.Nixon's Coffee House
On the way back I took my time. Still being on the tail end of a cold I figured it was better to not push myself, so I kept my beast in a lower gear and took my sweet time going back up a short climb of 146 ft. over that 5 or so miles. Once I arrived back home it didn’t take me long to decide that I needed to head over to the park and library, just to spend some more time out.

I’m back home, now, and pulling things together for a shower and to listen to a few more chapters from Cormac McCathy’s 2nd book, “The Crossing“, from his “Border Trilogy”.



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