Running to my Apple Store

Early this morning I’d set up an appointment at the Apple Store in Aspen Grove. I need to see one of their Geniuses because of a sporadic problem with my iPhone.

10262206_10152126950081837_1967335045037721340_nIt was only after discovering that its’ SIM card had begun pretending it was no longer in my iPhone. Some of you know, that messages on the screen saying “NO SIM card”. As far as I knew before making this trip I’d not missed any calls since no one had harassed me.

Rather than riding the bus and light rail down here I mounted my trike and rode south beside the South Platte. It is a lovely trip. This time of year the river is much lower than the photo, but I like this one.  As I traversed those few miles of small hills and was passed by and passed a few fellow bikers a storm cloud was crawling over the Rockies. Those four or so miles between my apartment and the mall were dry with in a cool breeze in spite of rain clearly falling on the foot hills. By the time I had arrived the clouds had already begun tinkling on the South Platte. IMG_0536

My first stop was at Panera Bread to eat one of their bagels with cream cheese. I have long loved having an assortment of breads from this store. Unfortunately, the soon to be hard rain forced me to quickly ran from my half eaten cream cheese filled bagel and on down toward the Apple store. To my good fortune I found a great spot next to that malls Starbucks along with a large trash bag from a barista to protect my recumbent trike’s seat.

lAfter trash bagging the seat, I came back in to order a cold decaf coffee and noticed the owner of another local coffee shop imbibing some of his oppositions beverage. Day’s like this are mixed with thorns and roses!

Brad had come down here to hide in a corner and do his paperwork. That makes sense. No one in here knows who he is, except me. So he was able to sit there and work without being bothered for anything, except my intruding into this quiet corner of his life. My intrusion, though, feed some more fun into this afternoon. He is the first friend to hit on me about whether I am thinking about taking hold of the new iPhone 6. His face light up, brighter with each word. I’m wondering if he isn’t thinking of snagging one for himself?

154211248-the-signage-on-a-branch-of-starbucks-coffee-on-october.jpg.CROP.promovar-mediumlarge Okay, I’ve set this page aside and headed over to the Apple Store with a gentle rain falling. My assigned Genius took me on about 5 minutes before the 2pm appointment. Because I’d made a note about the SIM problem he came prepared to suggested it may simply be my iPhone’s SIM card. Now that’s a no brainer and was part of what I thought.

So, now I’m back over at Starbucks finishing this posting. I’ll make the AT&T call and switch the SIM cards once I’m home. However, I won’t know for severals days whether this is the solution or I’ll be triking back down here.


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  1. TheCatssMeoww 09/09/2014 — 7:47 pm

    Panera Bread is my favorite.

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