…diagnosing it incorrectly…

I had started reading Robert Trivers, “The Logic of Deceit and Self-Deception in Human Life” late last year. Then for reasons I have no memory of the book dropped off my list of things to finish. The hardcover version, fortunately, found its’ way back onto the library shelves and into my Sente collection.
Groucho Marx


This year I decided that the book must be finished, but this time at my own speed and fashion. So now, I have that book downloaded on my Kindle Reader.

What bothers me, though, is the fact that I cannot find the notes and quotes I know that I garnered from what I had read around a year ago. So, rather than attempt to dig much further, I decided that Groucho, perhaps more than, adequately, voiced Robert’s view of human behavior.

Robert Trivers
Robert Trivers

Back on December 23 of 2011 John Horgan put out a short piece on the  book, “The Folly of Fools” in his piece titled, “Why We Lie”, in the New York Times – Book Reviews. Make sure that you take a few minutes and read John’s piece if you’re feeling the need for grins and giggles.

A favorite paragraph from this article speaks well of a man I admire:

The most influential thinker there, arguably, was a scruffily bearded fellow, wearing sunglasses and a knitted cap, who never gave a talk. He lurked around the margins of the conference; at one point I spotted him puffing a joint outside a meeting hall. This, at any rate, is how I remember Robert Trivers, although as he points out in “The Folly of Fools,” memory often tricks us. He also confesses to being a pothead, so I’m pretty sure my recollection is accurate.

It is our self and corporate deceptions which need our positive attention!


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