One of those oops that we all know

Boardin’ the bus on east Colfax Ave
Just a block beyond this I debarked from the bus

This afternoon, I was headed over to my uncle’s place to check on his cat, Cupid, when I realized something dreadful. My faux pas was my having forgotten those necessary keys into his place. At the point I realized that I’d messed things up, I was only two blocks from his place. I’d already traveled by bus and light rail downtown, which had already taken about an hour out of my day.

Bound by Design on East Colfax, Denver, COWell, rather than become excessively pissed with myself, I got off the bus and walked the six or so blocks back toward downtown.West shot down East Colfax, Denver, Colorado Across my years, many friends and family have chewed, most politely, but some brutally my buttocks for daring to take the chance. Now, back when I was actually practicing at something, I spent a few years rummaging around Colfax for clients. I wasn’t trying to drum up business. No, I was seeking out and dealing with the guys and gals that were the most challenging of the Mental Health Corp. of Denver’s population. Too many of them were located within a few blocks on either side of this street east and west from downtown Denver. So, this street is unusually comfortable to me.

Colfax & Broadway
Colfax & Broadway

A few months ago, I was accosted by a guy standing on a street corner of Colfax, just a blocks from the Cathedral Basilica of the Immaculate Conception. Before I’d arrived I watched him try to hit on a woman, I assume for money. She kept herself far enough from him that it didn’t work. I pasted a smile on my face and walked on toward the intersection. Of course, he came right up to me, at first meaning to fleece me for money. My smile didn’t leave my face and, of course, I looked down on him, literally. He instantly backed off. The man hadn’t expected someone to stand up to him and smile.

So, if you catch sight of me comfortably walking this street you’ll feel the same about me that this cat is saying.


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