There’s a tail flicking in my face

ready-to-pounceSeconds after a few of those sneeze inducing flicks, Isis jumped over to the cill. It took another second or two from me to notice what induced those whisks across my face. Across the street and scampering along a low hanging power line was a squirrel. Scattered snow fields across the foothills had succeeded in nabbing my attention for those two seconds before I saw what Isis had become focused in on.

For the 15 or so minutes before she had shifted to the window’s cill Isis had been sitting right in front of the screen or working her way into my lap. Once in my lap, she has always positioned myself so that my left arm can no longer accomplish being comfortable to tap on the keyboard. I have little trouble with any of her positions, since she has never stayed anywhere, but my lap, for more than 5 minutes.sandy-lily-watch-squirrel-8

But now, I’m wishing that I could begin paying those squirrels to keep her distracted. And before any of you suggest I put up bird feeders, I’m on the second floor of an apartment building where I can’t do that. In ways this makes me weep.


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  1. Dave, Count your blessings. When Max and Sophie see squirrels out the window, they go into a barking frenzy (occurring at this very moment, just like a few moments before!).

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