Tinker Bell

Over the past couple of months a new cat has begun intruding into my mother’s life. Of course, the new one has no idea of what happened here around 8 months ago and seems to be successfully encroaching on my mother’s life of undesired solitude.

Tinker Bell
Tinker Bell

Tinker Bell began showing more of herself a little while before I plead with mom to let me come and live with her. Well, I didn’t, really, need to beseech her sovereign permission to take up space out in the ranch house. Rather, I called her last month, asking how she’d feel about my asking her other son, Brad, to cart me and a small portion of my personal things back there to live with her. You should have listened to the brief pause and then an elated voice she used to say, “You should have asked to do this some time ago!”

Tinker Bell
Tinker Bell

In the mean time, Tinker Bell had made herself more obvious. Mom had begun feeding her up on the ranch house’s landing. Mom had, to rat on her, gone on to pouring a little of the grease from the bacon she’s usually frying up for breakfast into that cat’s food. Most won’t see that as such a great idea, but it befits how she’s trying to keep hold of a creature, she’d wanted rid of less than a year ago. Tinker Bell had built a habit with mom of coming up to the house a few times a day to fed. Both of those “ladies” were pleased with things.


Now, I’m living out here, I hope till we’re ready to move mom out to Denver to live around her children. So, I now have two girls around me every day. The furry one pushes for my attention for both petting and food. The other one seeks my attention so that she has someone to do things for. So, for the moment, I’m sitting out here pleased as a bug in the rug.





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