Back to sitting across the highway

Last Saturday, my brother had trotted for 4 on toward 5 hours back across the prairie to drag mom and me around. On the way out, Brad had stopped to pickup the deer meat from the butcher for his son, Brandon.10659361_10101837377572603_4897057407738192433_n I had one decidedly great benefit from his doing Brandon a favor. I now have a small package of deer jerky flavored with jalapeño.

Anyway, we came down here to see dad for a little bit, which turned into an hour and a half. Mom had picked up on taking care of dad which explains why we made it back to the ranch house around 10pm.  More often than not, mom is in bed by 7 to 7:30 each evening. Needless to say, she was caustic from not being able to be in bed a few hours before.

one of mom's least favorite photo's!
One of mom’s least favorite photo’s!

The next morning, she was still upset but mostly because she hadn’t slept well. By the afternoon most of that classic “peeved” had flowed on through and she talked about something I’d not expected. Mom told me that she’s going to talk with nursing staff about changing his meds. Yes, I was startled since I had garnered the impression of her being mad at staff for not handling dad right. Rather, she had shifted over to recognizing that dad’s irritability coming from dementia akin to “Sundowners syndrome.”

Wow, mom’s really can surprise you!


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