Grandpa Ernie

11021211_10153087708894787_6388294382655733914_nA few days ago, I was browsing across my Facebook page when I noticed a photo that still brings back marvelous memories. Mom’s brother, Jim Shaw had posted a photo of his dad holding his oldest boy Matthew.

Oddly enough an early memory of this man is his helping me, as a kindergartner, zip my pants up. All of us know what it means to have the tab of your zipper become entrapped. To have the tab caught in the folds of cloth at the bottom of the zipper is inconvenient but as a little boy having no idea what to do, I think it brought tears. Grandpa’s being able to adeptly make the problem go away felt so good.

Little things that feel so big to little kids being taken care of by grand old folk replaces the fears and frustrations with awe. His being a quiet man, able to make my problems disappear so fast laid another fabric in the quilt of my life.


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  1. I enjoyed this post Dave – thank you for sharing your memories.

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