A great seven hours of sleep…

stove-top-coffee-percolator…is ending with the sound of a stove top percolator. Close to a half-hour ago I’d started the process of making my morning coffee and I’m looking forward to finally tasting it in less than a minute.

Ouch, it’s hot, but tastes great.

IMG_1394Even before my brother dragged my butt out here to the ranch, I had occasionally made use of this kind of a simple device. Now, it is the only coffee maker I have. A couple of years ago, I had managed to drag, unbroken, my Bodum French Press back here which wasn’t greeted well by mom. It went back to Colorado.41gBSNXd2VL

Oh well!

Over the past couple of weeks, we’ve had close 4 inches of rain, which makes the only dirt road through the place, at times, muddy. As I was finally drifting off to sleep, last night, I noticed flashes of lightning through the window, but this morning the landing and sidewalk are dry. In a little bit mom will be coming out to make breakfast, as my 81 year old mother insists on doing. While she’s doing that I’ll pull my boots on to both check the rain gage and let her cat, Tinker Bell, out.IMG_1121 Who knows, I may even be able to trudge out across the pastures to look things over.


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