that little stinker

As with many mornings, I was up around 4:30 and naturally looked out the kitchen window. A little black shadow, with a couple faint white stripes caught my attention. When I go out to check on things, like the rain gauge, there will be little holes in the buffalo grass lawn from his or her digging for grubs.Raccoons_&_skunk_eating

I found this picture which is cute but decidedly different than what mom saw a few days ago. At about mid-morning she watched, we figure, the same skunk I saw this morning chasing a raccoon down the alleyway. It’s hard to tell whether they were playing or the skunk was asserting it’s claim on this territory.images

Several weeks ago, mom was certain this skunk, I saw this morning, was infected with rabies. She was certain of this since seeing these critters during the day has never been common. But, I remember watching skunks  scavenging around the pastures down near our dry creeks. After letting those weeks pass, without the poor creature dying of rabies, she’s become somewhat affectionate toward this little stinker.

Mom’s cat, Tinker Bell, has been out when this little vermit has been scurrying around the homestead and hasn’t made a move either toward or away from it. So, it seems that we’ve all reached a common accord, “You leave me alone and I will leave you alone.


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  1. oh my an urban party of critters.

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