Every week I listen my way through the Economist

This week, one of those articles reminded me of a book I finished late last year, Steve Galloway’s, “The Cellist of Sarajevo“.{DB8A3C48-F52A-44FF-AD02-6BB9C8113A10}Img100

Whoever wrote “Danger or Distraction“, for the Economist, unknowingly stole my attention back, twenty or so years, to violence kept at a distance. At that time, I was still engaged in levels of clinical social work that put me strange and violent situations. However, the violence I knew was like child’s play in comparison to what was then happening in the Balkans. 20150516_EUM945

Now, I’d never heard of Steve and so had no idea whether I’d like his work or not. By the time I was only a quarter of the way his book, I was joyfully that he had caught my attention.  Styling the story through perspectives of several people gave me the same delightfully confused perspective I knew in still counseling, using a family systems tilt.

Able to look into several those few months, Steve took us through, I was intrigued with each character’s conflictual mix of thoughts, feelings and truly dangerous sets of events. As the author of “Danger or Distraction” laid current things out I was experiencing a powerful mix of fiction and news.

Yet, I wasn’t done listening through this century and a half old newspaper. In the Middle East and Africa section another article melded into Galloway’s book. “The Melody of life and death” took the next step and surfaced the cellist.Evstafiev-bosnia-cello It took little more than a sentence or two into this article that before I saw the cover of Steve Galloway’s book. I’d swear that, whoever, authored this article was thinking about “The Cellist of Sarajevo” as she or he wrote it.


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