URL embedded to Deb Joelle’s page where she credits this to her husband.

Fur balls are the easiest to find, whenever you have feral and semi-feral cats. Fur balls are even easier to watch fly when that admixture is male and female. Add to it an 81 year old mother who’s chasing the two of them with a broom and you have a marvelous image.

Our truly black feral cat, mom has tentatively named B.K., is the male of this trio. Tinker Bell our semi-feral female, is mom’s favored. Of course, those two do not get along. Tinker has been fixed and, of course, B.K. hasn’t.  So, when mom decided to chase B.K. away something unexpected happened. Rather than whisking the copulant hungry male away, she swatted the female.

That broke the fight up, but not as mom had expected. B.K. sprinted off but didn’t leave the yard. Tinker Bell disappeared around the north side of the house and mom couldn’t find her. Well, I found Tinker up one of the Cedar trees  surrounding the house. She was so far that I couldn’t begin to safely reach up and help her down. So, I smiled at her and left her on her own.

cat-in-treeMy expectations of her taking her sweet time to come back down were erased . She was at my heels before I had a chance to make it back to the front door. Before looking for her favored cat, mom had made clear, “MY” need to put Tinker Bell back out in the 90×40′ steel building and so safe from her antagonist. Being a doting son, I led Tinker back out to her night time domicile and shut her in and away till, you  know who has gone off into the hills to hunt.


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