When it comes to pedophiles and other people with weird sexual urges, our society is all about punishment, not prevention. We don’t want to help people who we think could mess with our kids.07slid4 We want to pretend they don’t exist until they do mess with our kids, and then we want to punish and make an example of them. Even saying the words help and pedophile in the same sentence pisses people off. But this is likely the best path to reducing child sex abuse.”  ~  Brian Whitney  (Pacific Standard Magazine)

Brian’s name is reportedly a pseudonym for a man who has been dealing with levels of sexual addiction, perhaps all of his life.400vRKx Given his context my read his article through created an odd joy.  My delight came  out of Brian’s addressing what is too close to 100 percent of us. My own deficit in humanity’s normal sexual drive creates, as with many of my friends and clients with excessive urges, a whole set of problems. No matter where our problems are and perhaps even less pronounced than someone else’s we are the same as everyone else! We all have sexual issues and because of this we’d be made better by thinking along Brian’s path in dealing with his own problems.


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