MTMyNzA3MTQzMTczMzI2ODU4“Misinformation that is ‘merely’ implied is more difficult to eradicate than misinformation that is stated directly.”


Tom Jacobs included this in his Pacific Standard Magazine article, “The Unique Danger of Implied Misinformation“. He had borrowed this from Patrick Rich and Maria Zaragoza, psychologists at Kent State University, article in Journal of Experimental Psychology. Core to Jacobs’ article is an idea which I hold close. We, unconsciously, are more adept at deceiving ourselves than those around us. A simple point is how often, under our breath, we question the truthfulness or completeness of what someone else said. How often do any of the rest of us, question ourselves in the same fashion.

(p.s. I, shall we say, borrowed that image from psmag.com hoping it will help you take a peek at their page)


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