Missing Oliver Sachs

Since last week, I have been celebrating the few of Oliver Sachs’ works I had already read. I am certain the rest, of his works, are pleasures waiting to be experienced. Never was I afforded the opportunity to met this wonderful man, who in interviews, I had listened to, lived out Prosopagnosia. His willingness to continue living out what he had enjoyed for decades with an assortment of neurological issues, himself, speaks so well for him.

So then, I barely regret having not met him in that direct fashion since he reached out, past his own peculiarities and touched me. Thank you Oliver for tapping the elbow of my consciousness through your writings.

Let me pass on to you what those at Nautilus put before me in remembrance of Dr. Sachs:

Is it Normal to Hoard?

If You Think You’re a Genius You’re Crazy

Learning to Fly

The Original Natural Born Killers


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