Last evening I finished, “The Bees” by Laline Paull

18652002Early this past January, I purchased, Laline Paull‘s, “The Bees: a novel” and set it side. It awaited being downloaded to the iPhone’s app, Audible, till I had scarfed down better than a dozen other audio books. So, as last week began, so did that books turn at having my attention.

First, the only reason I bought the book was the cover and a brief summary, which I had forgotten about as I listened to the first few minutes. A beehive something, I have had no time around, but I was expecting to be caught up in a story using bees as an integral part. Unexpectedly, finding myself within the hive learning Flora 717’s story through her eyes caught me off guard and, fortunately, didn’t prompt me to delete my audible version.

mediumLaline walked me through Flora 717’s hive in a marvelous weaving of detail and inference. I have to say that this playwright caught hold of my desire to look into the characters and situations. Every minute of my time, during every evening of the week, it took me to listen to Orlagh Cassidy, I found myself listening for conflicts, desires, fears and yes love. Laline managed to frame all of those things well within the basic behaviors of the bees.

Flora 717 shared, with the reader, her feelings, thoughts and needs. She voiced the hive mentality and conflicts natural to every part of nature. So, Laline accomplished keeping me from ridding myself of what I, for the first few minutes, mistakenly heard as a story for children. She took hold of my interest and kept hold of it till the last words Orlagh spoke from the epilogue. POTD_Bees_2674681b


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