Mantis religiosa

Did you every chase pollywogs, as a kid? I chased those creatures in water filled dirt road ditches just north of the house. When my little sister and brother, and I came back to the house mom usually had a garden hose hooked up. We were hosed off before being allowed to change our clothes and go on with what was left of the day.

IMG_2293I remember chasing after beetles and dragonflies, but there was one creature that required on a sharp eye. It is slow and rhythmic in its motion, when it moves at all. This insect remains perfectly still, I suppose for hours at a time, waiting for that next meal.

There is a Preying Mantis in the photo of weeds and woven wire fence. I had sent it to my daughter, who wasn’t raised out here, and her text back was, “What?”. Only after telling her about a green insect and suggesting that she enlarge her copy of this photo was she able to spot the creature.

If you are not able to catch sight of it here is another photo: IMG_2290

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