My brother’s phone call

Yesterday, I had not slept well the night before, so I had just laid down for a brief nap when my brother, Brad, called. A call from the man is odd, no matter what, since he spends so much time on the phone with clients. His name presenting itself on my iPhone brought about my expecting something odd, but not disturbing. Instead, he’d just heard a radio report that Sheridan High School had been put on lockdown because of shootings. He didn’t know what was happening, he only knew that my daughter works at that high school.

Sheridan High School is a just beyond the building

The man was quick and ready to just hang up so that I could try and find out what had happened to my daughter. The nap, I was attempting, evaporated making me hop up. I knew to not call her, so I sent a short text asking her to respond, when she could. In years past, I’d been out with SWATeams, and more, which made me aware that she might be preoccupied! Next, I pulled up all of the Denver news stations websites to catch sight of what was known. That single step quieted my nerves. Since the lockdown was to keep villains out rather than to keep a villain from getting away, I breathed a sigh of relief.

Jordan in Paris, two weeks before ISIS

Two of the men who staged a bank robbery and then became the reason for locking down the Sheridan, Colorado schools are still evading capture. Their evading capture made Jordan’s day into a long school day. She finally texted me, around 9pm her time, about just getting home from school.


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