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Kevin Dutton
Kevin Dutton

Scientific American Mind published a, marvelous short, article by Kevin Dutton, Would You Vote for a Psychopath? in their Sept 2016 issue. Dutton had already published, “The wisdom of psychopaths : what saints, spies, and serial killers can teach us about success,” in 2012. Make sure that you take in the whole of his book’s title before moving on to the next paragraph.

Robert Hare
Robert Hare

I basically agree with the, average, assumptions generated from those Dutton asked to fill out Robert Hare’s, “Psychopathic Personality Inventory”. Academic historians and well established reports and journalists were asked to answer each question regarding certain of the worlds recent leaders, along with those possibly to be president, next year. However, like the psychologist, Alan Lipman said,

Presidential debate that he would leave the nation in suspense over whether he would accept the election result is merely the most recent example of the narcissism that has marked his candidacy. But while some might be tempted to dismiss such remarks as simply bluster, their extremity and breadth reveal something fundamental — and critical — about how a President Trump might perform in office.  ~   The Narcissism of Donald Trump’s Candidacy 

Alan Lipman
Alan Lipman

I definitely agree that Trump is primarily a narcissist with secondary features of psychpathy.

Early in Trump’s run, in the primary, I saw his effort as nothing more than a sales job and that he knew he’d make it no further. Yes, I still see his core motivation as exactly that, a salesmanship, but in politics. Yet, as he turned the corner and proved dominant, a fabrication emerged. It wasn’t from him or anyone else, it was mine. I was hoping that the man had shown his salesmanship well, that he would there after shift the focus of his sales to take in a decidedly wider vote. He never did.

Since then, the only point where I see his intelligence is in his focus. It is a brilliant focus. The man knows that he cannot sell himself, as a president, to a broad audience and so has made himself available to those he can sell to. Many voting for him are intelligent and not just feeling but have been left behind by the past 60 to 80 years of change in this country. Those changes which have come about over the past 50 or more years are, fundamentally, the right things to have accomplished. Not everyone see themselves riding the wave and so like Marine Le Pen, in France this election cycle, Trump is riding a true discomfort but only as a narcissist.

If the man happens to win tomorrow, I doubt it will take more than six months for his voters to realize that he rode them into the White House and not the other way around.

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