It has been a couple of years since…

At last, I went to a movie that thrilled me, deep. Movies have been off my list for several reasons, the least of which was my eyes having become the primary means of physical balance. Ask my daughter what it is like to watch me attempting to keep my balance in a dark room with eyes mistakenly set to how the movie portrayed reality! Too many of those works available, here in metro Denver, were just far enough out of my range of key topics that I  stayed out of those dark rooms.


Late yesterday, the film, Arrival, became my current favorite story. This movie being the first one I’ve watched in a couple of years doesn’t provide a reason to be so highly rated, as it has no other, recent, movie to be compared with. Over the same timeframe I have read a couple dozen books, mostly sci-fi in kind with a small number of authors deserve my adoration as does this movie. Of those few, look at the writings of Stieg Larsson, Greg Bear, David Morrell, Khaled Hosseini and Mary Doria Russell to gain a sense of why I loved this movie.

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  1. It’s a movie I admire more than I actually love. Nice review.

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